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Synthesis, Signoff STA & LEC with Lab (Synopsys Tools)

"Master the Art of Design Synthesis and Signoff with Synopsys Tools: Accelerate STA & LEC Techniques in a Real Lab Environment!"

Instructor: ChipEdge LearningLanguage: English

About the course


The course 'Synthesis, Signoff STA & LEC with Lab (Synopsys Tools)' provides a comprehensive understanding of the process of synthesis, signoff static timing analysis (STA) and logic equivalence checking (LEC) using Synopsys Tools. The course covers various aspects of these tools and their utilization in the design flow.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn the fundamentals of synthesis, signoff STA, and LEC
  • Understand the usage of Synopsys Tools
  • Explore the various stages involved in synthesis and signoff STA
  • Master the techniques for logic equivalence checking
  • Hands-on lab exercises for practical implementation

What you will learn:

  • Synthesis:
    Gain knowledge about the synthesis process and learn how to optimize a design using Synopsys synthesis tools.
  • Signoff STA:
    Understand the significance of signoff STA and learn the techniques to meet timing constraints using Synopsys static timing analysis tools.
  • Logic Equivalence Checking (LEC):
    Learn the methods for verifying the equivalence of two different representations of a circuit and master the use of Synopsys LEC tools.


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